Are Allen Edmonds Shoes Comfortable?

Are factory seconds worth it?

Factory seconds are definitely worth the gamble.

If you can get a relationship with a sales associate who will look at them for you, you’ll be fine.

U buy them almost exclusively and have never gotten a bad pair..

How long do Allen Edmonds shoes last?

If you properly care for them and wear them in rotation with other shoes, they should last you for a good many years. Remember also that you can send them back to the factory in Port Washington for around a hundred to a hundred and fifty dollars per pair to have them re-crafted extending their life even further.

Are Allen Edmonds seconds worth it?

Some say their quality control is not what it used to be, but its still good enough that many seconds have only very minor issues that wouldn’t make a difference once you’ve worn the shoe for a few times. The $10 restock fee is WELL worth it to save a whole lot more.

Are Allen Edmonds true to size?

If there are no stores or retail locations nearby, my adivce would be to use the guide on the AE website and make your best guess. For what it’s worth, I have other shoes on the same last as the 5th ave and they run pretty true to size. I wear a 9.5D (US) and the fit is pretty spot on.

What is AAA shoe width?

*B width is a medium (M) width; this is the regular or average width. *A, AA, AAA, AAAA are narrow widths, the more “A’s” the narrower the shoe, every A decreases the width by ¼ inch. Sometimes this is designated by S” for slim (equal to A or AA), or SS for Super Slim, equivalent to AAA or AAAA.

How do you measure your feet for Allen Edmonds?

Stand with your back against the door and have someone measure your feet and mark where your toes end. Be sure they view straight down from above the foot.

What are the best Allen Edmonds shoes?

The following is a list of some of Allen Edmonds most popular shoe styles:Park Avenue [Cap-Toe Oxford]Strandmok Brogue [Cap-Toe Oxford]Sullivan Street Boot [Dress Boot]Addison Casual Loafer [Penny Loafer]Dalton Wingtip Boot [Dress Boot]McAllister Wingtip [Wingtip Oxford]Strand [Cap-Toe Oxford]More items…•

Are Allen Edmonds shoes made in USA?

Allen Edmonds is an American upscale shoe manufacturing and retail company based in Port Washington, Wisconsin. It manufactures its shoes in the United States, as well as in Italy and the Dominican Republic. …

Are Johnston and Murphy shoes made in China?


Do Allen Edmonds shoes stretch?

In a broader sense: yes, all shoes break in and stretch and get looser. This is not the same as forcing yourself into the wrong size and wearing it until it fits. It means wearing the correct size, and breaking them in a few hours at a time until the leather softens and shapes to your walking patterns.

Why are formal shoes so uncomfortable?

The more flexible your shoes, the more comfortable it is. This is because your shoes can bend according to your feet as you walk. If your shoes are stiff, it would not allow your feet to bend as easily. Forcing your feet to be in an unnatural position.

Who makes the most comfortable dress shoes?

Here are 14 of the most comfortable dress shoes for men on the market.Clarks Atticus Cap-Toe Shoe. … Allen Edmonds McAllister Wingtip Oxford. … Cole Haan Lewis Grand 2.0 Wing Tip Oxford. … Mr P. … Thursday Boots Cavalier Boots. … Magnanni Federico Oxford. … Allen Edmonds The Wingtip Shoe. … Johnston & Murphy Neilson Bit Loafer.More items…•

Who bought Allen Edmonds?

Caleres Inc.Louis footwear company that owns Famous Footwear, Naturalizer and other brands. Caleres Inc. said Tuesday it has purchased Port Washington-based Allen Edmonds for $255 million from Brentwood Associates, a Los Angeles private equity firm that bought the company three years ago.

Are Allen Edmonds good shoes?

At 395, these aren’t cheap shoes; they are certainly an investment. But with Allen Edmonds you can know that you’re buying a shoe that is really substantiated with quality that’s well made from quality components and that if taken care of properly can easily last you a decade or more.

What are Allen Edmonds factory seconds?

When you add in our great attention to detail and the high quality-control standards we maintain, the result is a Factory Second. These lightly blemished shoes have minor defects such as a small stain, nick in the sole or slightly askew sewing.