Can You Put Downhill Forks On A Hardtail?

Are Hardtails more fun?

Hardtails are a little rougher, but that just adds to the sense of speed, even if you’re not riding as fast.

They can even be more fun on some trails: the kind of trail that isn’t too rough and needs a bit of pedaling, a sweet jump trail, or a fresh secret trail where you’re surfing loam all the way down..

Should I get full suspension or hardtail?

The brief answer is: Choose a full-suspension bike if you are willing to spend a bit more and you want to ride technical trails. On the other hand, choose a hardtail bike if you’re on a tighter budget and/or plan to spend most of your time on smoother trails.

What is a double crown fork?

2) a double crown fork is mounted on the bottom of the head tube, and the top. this makes it have less flex, but it makes a fork weigh more and you can’t turn the fork as much (the stantions will hit the frame). the lowest travel you will see a double crown is about 170mm.

Is 100mm travel enough on a 29er hardtail?

A 100mm full suspension 29er is going to be able to shred anything you can throw at it for a long time. That’s a good amount of travel to start with, and on a 29er it’s going to feel like even more while staying efficient. The epic has a really well balanced geometry as well.

Is 100mm travel enough for trail riding?

For basic trail riding I would recommend something closer to 120mm as most 100mm bikes are xc race bikes and likely won’t be as fun on most trails. If you want to do any drops or impacts then 100mm isn’t enough. You’ll bottom out every time.

Can you jump a 29er hardtail?

But, it’s still not a jump-optimized bike. As an avid 29er hardtail rider yes absolutely. … Just because cm4130 can’t jump a 29er doesn’t mean the bike can’t. You need to move your body more but its super fun and you should do it.

Why are Hardtails better?

It will make you smoother – If you don’t learn how to float your bike over roots and rocks, a hardtail will either bounce you off the trail or rattle your teeth out. … Also, due to the lack of rear suspension, bunnyhops are quicker, it’s easier to pick up the front wheel, and the bike is generally lighter and nimbler.

What is a single crown fork?

think of crowns as the cross members on the fork… hence a single crown has one connection between the two tubes (plus axle when on a bike). Dual crowns have two crossmembers around head tube but most are really technically a triple crown fork (one above tire and the two surrounding head tube)…

Who is Sam Pilgrim?

Hailing from Colchester, Essex, British freeride star Sam Pilgrim began riding as a 14-year-old, and soon won his first competition, the Filthy 48. A missing front tooth is proof of Sam’s penchant for speed, but he also has a bulging bag of tricks, including his favourite, the backflip tailwhip. …

Can you do downhill with a hardtail?

Yes, a hardtail bike can handle many jumps and drops on downhill trails just fine. Many XC bikes are hardtails, and many of these hardtail mountain bikes can handle jumps up to around 2 feet high.

Can you put downhill forks on a enduro bike?

No it is not. The main problem that stands out to me is – as strong as Commencal’s bikes are – when you slacken the head angle and add more weight to the front end, especially simultaneously, you are putting a ton of stress on your head tube which is likely designed around a specific travel fork.

Can you jump a hardtail?

The take off and the ‘jumping’ part are actually easier on a hardtail, it’s just the landing that can be slightly harder to handle. The trick on larger drops is to make sure the saddle is out of the way and use your legs as suspension. Technique is way more important than the bike you ride.

Can you convert a hardtail to full suspension?

To the OP, as you can probably tell from the wise-cracks, there’s no way to convert your hard-tail bike to full suspension (the marvelous Shockster not-withstanding). The best you can do is try to sell your old bike and get a new one.

Are Hardtails dead?

Riding a hardtail can be considered as an act of downgrading, but there are many more sides to the story. … For certain applications, like riding dirt and pumptracks, the hardtail is still the king.

Can you put dual crown forks on a hardtail?

Personally I see nothing wrong with a dual crown on a hardtail so long as the frame is designed with the a-c height in mind.

How much travel should a hardtail have?

Basic Suspension SetupType of Mountain BikeSuspension TravelRecommended Sag*XC race80 – 100mm15 – 25%Trail, all mountain100 – 160mm20 – 30%Freeride and downhill160 – 200mm25 – 35%

Can I put a 120mm fork on a 100mm bike?

The 100mm bikes have steeper head tube angles. The 100mm bikes also have slightly shorter reach but are designed to be used with longer stems. You can split the difference by getting a 100mm bike one size larger, use a shorter stem, and install a 120mm or even 130mm fork.

Is 120mm travel enough for trail?

In addition, you’re not likely to notice much difference between a 120mm, 130mm, and 140mm fork. Honesty, a 120mm fork is enough travel for most Trail riders. Longer travel doesn’t necessarily mean better.