How Do I Ask For A Media Kit?

What should be included in a media kit?

What should be in a media kit?Media or PR contact information.

In the event a member of the press should reach out to an organization, who should they contact.

Important and recent press releases.

Company background.

Leadership biographies and headshots.


B-roll footage and still photographs.

Other elements..

How much does it cost to make a media kit?

In fact, if done well, they can be real assets. Press kits are relatively inexpensive ways to get you noticed — perfect for creative but fiscally challenged freelancers. With an average price of $5,000, they’re way cheaper than most forms of advertising.

What is a media kit template?

Media kits are documents that give helpful information and statistics about the blog and help journalists and brands understand more about who you are, what you do and who you appeal to. …

How much does an electronic press kit cost?

The costs for these printed kits range from $700 to $5000…and that’s just for the design. You can tack the cost of printing on top of that. An electronic press kit (EPK) comes in digital format such as a website, email or downloadable file.

How do I create an EPK file for free?

How to make a press kitPick a catchy message and tagline. The first element you’ll add to your electronic press kit is a title and a subtitle. … Choose a theme. Themes are a great way to start the design process. … Showcase your brand with images. … Communicate with engaging text. … Share your press kit.

How do I make an EPK?

How do I create an EPK?Sign up for Sonicbids. The Sonicbids EPK makes consolidating all your information and submitting it to promoters easier than ever. … Start with the basics. … Organize your calendar. … Connect your EPK with all your social media. … Add high-quality songs, photos, and videos. … Apply for opportunities.

Do I need a media kit?

They are mainly used at events and for launches as a package of information for journalists to help them write their story. The point of a media kit is to catch the eye of a journalist and make them want to write an article or do an interview. It should be a one-stop shop for all of the information journalists need.

How do you make a media kit as an influencer?

Here is what you need to include in your influencer media kit to stand out among other influencers:Number of Followers on Social Media. … Audience Demographics. … Good Design. … Website Statistics. … Testimonials. … A Short Introduction About Yourself. … Your Contact Details. … Collaboration Options.More items…•

Why is a media kit important?

A media kit gives you the opportunity to present yourself as you want to be seen. It also gives your audience a detailed description of exactly what you offer. It allows you to control the message. When you take on a new client, he or she will likely have lots of questions about your products or services.

What is a media kit used for?

A press kit, also known as a media kit, is a page on your website that contains resources and information for reporters and publishers. The best press kits make it really easy for reporters to quickly learn about the product and brand, and access photos and marketing materials they can use.

What is a media kit in advertising?

A media kit is a promotional tool that contains specific information about a website or publication offering advertising, press, or marketing opportunities. Media kits are sometimes confused with biographies, about pages, press kits, or affiliate resources.