Question: Can We Use Slang In Ielts Speaking?

Does accent matter in ielts?

IELTS examiners are experienced language teachers and have been certified to assess your spoken English and not your accent.

They are always prepared to hear an extensive range of accents when conducting an IELTS Speaking test..

Is there any dress code for ielts speaking?

No- there is no specific dress code for IELTS candidates. You should dress in clothes that are comfortable, so you will feel good over the many hours you are taking the exam.

Do you wear jeans ielts speaking?

Model answers to IELTS speaking questions about Jeans I find jeans to be really comfy and stylish, so I tend to wear them a few times a week, especially in the colder months. However, in the summer my preference is to put on Khakis since they are lighter and help to cool me down.

What words should be used in ielts speaking?

Some alternatives you can use when giving your opinion include the following:Speaking for myself…Personally…In my view…For me…As I see it…As far as I’m concerned…

Can we wear jeans for ielts speaking test?

We are not saying that they are inappropriate, but it’s hard to achieve that classy and professional look when you are wearing jeans. If you are insist on going with jeans, then choose a darker colour and make sure that they are not tight. 8. Ladies, you can also wear a skirt or a dress.

Does content matter in ielts speaking test?

Grammar is just one of the four evaluation criteria used to give you a score in the speaking test. The others are fluency and coherence, lexical resource (vocabulary range) and pronunciation. All of them are equally important. So if you are very good at grammar, one fourth of your final score will definitely be high.

Is eye contact important in ielts speaking?

Your speaking is not marked on eye contact or any physical gestures you make throughout your interview. … So, you can rest easy, knowing that you can talk to your hands or to your examiner’s clock if you want to. It will NOT influence your IELTS band score at all.

What should be avoided in ielts speaking test?

IELTS Speaking: 10 Common Mistakes to AvoidSilence. Different cultures have different attitudes to silence, but for English speakers the attitude is one of near-zero tolerance. … Memorised answers. … Overuse of transition signals. … Parrotting the question. … Answering the wrong question. … Saying ‘I don’t understand’ … Saying too much or too little. … Poor pronunciation.More items…•

Can I use informal language in ielts speaking?

The IELTS speaking is 100% informal. This means informal language is fine to use in all parts of the test.