Question: Where Is The Real Jake From State Farm?

Why did Jake from State Farm change?

State Farm says it was simply a matter of the character taking on a different role.

The original Jake “did great at delivering his famous line, ‘Uh … khakis,'” State Farm assistant vp of marketing Patti Morris tells Muse.

“However, this expanded role is very demanding, and is best filled by a professional actor.”.

Who is the pizza delivery girl in the State Farm commercial?

Melanie PaxsonMelanie PaxsonBornMelanie Deanne Moore September 26, 1972 Champaign, Illinois, U.S.OccupationActressYears active1997–presentSpouse(s)Andy Paxson2 more rows

Is Alfonso Ribeiro in the State Farm commercial?

Security | State Farm® Commercial (featuring Chris Paul and Alfonso Ribeiro)

Was Jake from State Farm always black?

It happened. The marketing folks over at State Farm decided to put a little.. color in their ad campaign. Jake From State Farm, once a white character, is now black (and easy on the eyes no less), and of course, some white people have lost their minds.

Where is the old Jake from State Farm?

According to a follow-up interview in 2014, Jake had quit his part-time job at State Farm and become a seasonal employee for the town of Normal, Ill. He also worked as a bartender at a place called Pub II.

Is Jake from State Farm a real State Farm agent?

In 2011, when the ad won the hearts of their fans, Jake from State Farm became a well-known face. However, it has been revealed that the person who played Jake in the commercial was, in fact, an actual agent who worked in the firm. The new Jake, however, is a professional actor.

Who is the girl in the real upgrade State Farm commercial?

Camille ChenCamille ChenOccupationActressYears active1997–presentKnown forportraying Samantha Li in Studio 60 on the Sunset StripWebsitewww.camillechen.com2 more rows

Who is in the new State Farm commercial 2020?

Aaron RodgersAaron Rodgers stars in new State Farm commercials: Stories you loved.

Who Is the Black State Farm guy?

Dennis Dexter HaysbertDennis Dexter Haysbert (born June 2, 1954) is an American actor and voice actor.

What are you wearing Jake from State Farm?

khakisWhat are you wearing, Jake from State Farm? … uh… khakis.

Who is the actor in the State Farm commercials?

Kevin MimmsKevin Mimms, the actor portraying Jake, will be seen in more ads down the road. This new ad also spotlights the iconic “Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm is There.®” tagline.

Who is the original Jake from State Farm?

Jake Stone’Jake from State Farm’ was actually played by Jake Stone, a real-life State Farm employee who won the job at a company casting call.