Question: Why Is India An Attractive Market?

Why India is a big market?

To begin with, India is the world’s fifth-largest economy.

It is the world’s second-largest consumer of mobile phones and also the second-largest importer of arms.

It has the biggest consumer base of internet-based Apps.

The country is the world’s third-largest consumer of oil and also for solar power equipment..

Is India a good market to invest?

India to remain one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. For the first time, India has crossed the $70 Bn mark in FY 2019-20 and recorded total FDI inflow of $73.45 Bn. Leading investors ranked India as the most attractive market.

Is India a big market?

India’s market size is a weapon waiting to be used. … That is in part because its middle-class market wasn’t quite so big earlier; it is only the other day that India became the world’s fifth-largest economy.

How helpful has retail been in support of India’s GDP?

Total consumption expenditure is expected to reach nearly US$ 3,600 billion by 2020 from US$ 1,824 billion in 2017. It accounts for over 10% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and around eight% of the employment. India is the world’s fifth-largest global destination in the retail space.

Why India is the most attractive retail market in the world?

A spike in GDP growth, improved ease of doing business environment, and better clarity regarding foreign direct investment (FDI) regulations are among the key factors behind India being named as the second most attractive destination for retail investments in the world.