Quick Answer: Does Sheer Mean Steep?

What does sheer lip gloss mean?

Sheer lipsticks are super moisturizing and add a nice gloss to lips with a subtle hint of color.

These formulas are also less likely to leave unflattering lines all over your mouth once the pigment wears off.

Instead, you end up with beautifully “stained” lips..

Is steep up or down?

STEEP implies such sharpness of pitch that going up or down is very difficult . PRECIPITOUS applies to a slope so sharp that it is almost straight up-and-down .

What does too steep mean?

having an almost vertical slope or pitch, or a relatively high gradient, as a hill, an ascent, stairs, etc. (of a price or amount) unduly high; exorbitant: Those prices are too steep for me. extreme or incredible, as a statement or story. high or lofty.

What does sheer volume mean?

there is a lot of thingsIt means that there is a lot of things/information. It usually means that there is so much that it feels like it cannot be completed. It is a bit like marking exams and doing up reports really. The sheer volume is enough to drive me crazy.

What does sheer poetry mean?

1 adj You can use sheer to emphasize that a state or situation is complete and does not involve or is not mixed with anything else. ADJ n (emphasis) (=pure)

How do you use sheer in a sentence?

Sheer sentence examplessheer from the sea. … Thielemann was at length overborne by sheer weight of numbers, and towards II A.M. … sheer over a rocky ledge of horse-shoe shape. … If the magnitude and increasing complexity of these creations fails to impress you, the sheer quantity should suffice.More items…

What is sheer number?

a great number ofsheer number means “a great number of”. every word has a main meaning but many words have “side-meanings”. … You should consider the side meaning and then you understand that “sheer number” means “a great number of”…

What does sheer lipstick mean?

Sheer lipstick is a cosmetic for the lips that is made with very little tint. … This kind of lighter lipstick is also often used by women who are trying to create a more natural look with their makeup.

What is the difference between shear and sheer?

Shear is used as a verb meaning to cut or clip hair or wool. It is sometimes used as a noun meaning the act of cutting of the hair or wool or something that is cut off. … Sheer may be an adjective, adverb or a verb. When it is an adjective, it means very thin and transparent, or it means steep.

What does sheer talent mean?

Definitions for Talent (noun) a special and usually inborn ability. (noun) natural abilities or qualities.

What is another word for sheer?

Frequently Asked Questions About sheer Some common synonyms of sheer are abrupt, precipitous, and steep. While all these words mean “having an incline approaching the perpendicular,” sheer suggests an unbroken perpendicular expanse.

What is the correct meaning of sheer?

transparently thin; diaphanous, as some fabrics: sheer silk. … unqualified; utter: sheer nonsense.

What does sheer happiness mean?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English sheer luck/happiness/stupidity etcluck, happiness etc with no other feeling or quality mixed with it SYN pure I’ll never forget the look of sheer joy on her face.

How do you know if something is steep?

Steep means sharply angled. When hiking trails lead straight up mountainsides, they’ve got a steep incline. Steep also means “to soak in,” as in steeping a tea bag in boiling water. You often hear steep used as an adjective to describe cliffs, hills, or even water park slides that have a perilous slope.

Does sheer mean shiny?

Sheer as noun: signify a piece of cloth that is transparent and shiny. She bought a sheer dress.

What does sheer stupidity mean?

adj complete and without restriction or qualification; sometimes used informally as intensifiers. “got the job through sheer persistence” “sheer stupidity” Synonyms: absolute, downright, out-and-out, rank, right-down complete. having every necessary or normal part or component or step.

What does Steep for 5 minutes mean?

Steeping extracts antioxidants, caffeine, flavors, and aromas from tea. With hot water, it takes up to 5 minutes to brew a good cup, whereas cold steeping takes up to 12 hours and produces a smoother tasting tea that’s higher in antioxidants.

What might you describe as sheer?

1a : unqualified, utter sheer folly sheer ignorance. b : being free from an adulterant : pure, unmixed. c : viewed or acting in dissociation from all else in terms of sheer numbers. 2 : marked by great and continuous steepness. 3 : of very thin or transparent texture : diaphanous.