Quick Answer: How Can We Create More Employment In Secondary And Tertiary Sector In Rural Areas?

Why primary sector is the largest employer?

1 Answer.

Primary sector continues to be the largest employer because: (i) Enough jobs have not been created by the secondary and Tertiary sector.

(ii) In the Tertiary sector though the production has risen almost 11 times but employment has grown only 3 times..

Which part of tertiary sector is growing in importance?

Only a small section of service sector employees high-skilled and educated workers. This part of tertiary sector is gaining more importance. 2. On the other hand as large number of small service sectors are booming which employs a large number of workers such as shopkeeper repair person etc.

What is the importance of tertiary sector?

i) The tertiary sector provides the basic services like public transportation, medical car, electricity ,banking, post office etc under the control of the govt. ii) The tertiary sector creates an huge area for employment even for uneducated and unskilled workers.

What are the advantages of tertiary sector?

Lower Startup Costs One of the main advantages of the tertiary sector is that it has a much lower barrier to entry than starting a business that deals with physical products. For example, opening a manufacturing or retail business requires a large outlay of money that may take years to recoup.

How more employment can be created in tertiary sector?

The government/banks can provide loans at a cheap rates to the small farmers to improve their irrigational facilities like construction of a well so that, they can irrigate their land well and get two to three crops a year instead of one. Thus, more people can be employed in the same field.

What are the ways to create more employment in rural areas?

More employment in rural areas can be created by taking following steps:Farmers should diversify agriculture and adopt horticulture, animal rearing, organic farming, pisciculture besides farming.Government should take necessary steps to provide loans to farmers at cheaper rates and from formal sources of credit.More items…•

How can we create more jobs in urban and rural areas?

(iii) Promotion of small scale industries and self-help groups will create employment in urban areas. (iv) Tertiary activities like inclusive banking, promotion of market etc can penetrate service sector to rural areas and induce mobilisation and growth in Primary sector and ultimately create employment.

Why tertiary sector is so important or how does it earns maximum income in GDP?

The reasons why this sector is gaining importance can be summed up in following points: 1. The need for tertiary is increasing as there is more need of services like financial institutions, educational institutions etc. … The tertiary sector accounts for most of the national and per capita income of India.

How can we increase employment in primary sector?

1 AnswerThe ways by which more employment can be created in a country like India are:(i) If more dams are built and canal water is provided to all the small farmers, a lot of employment can be generated in agriculture sector.(ii) Providing cheap credit facilities and crop insurance can result in more employment.More items…

What are the reasons for rising importance of tertiary sector?

Tertiary sector has become important in India because : (ii) Demand for services such as transport, trade, storage will increase with the development of primary and secondary sectors. (iii) Demand for tourism, shopping, private schools, private hospitals, etc. increases with the increase in the level of income.

How can government create job opportunities?

Here are the eight job creation strategies that give the most bang for the buck.Reduce Interest Rates. … Spend on Public Works. … Spend on Unemployment Benefits. … Cut Business Payroll Taxes for New Hires. … Defense Spending and Job Creation. … When to Use Expansionary Fiscal Policy. … Job Creation Statistics. … Presidents Adding Jobs.

Which sector gives more employment opportunities and why?

Tertiary Sector usually provides more job opportunities in urban centre because most of the basic goods will manufacturing in primary sector and secondary sector but the real work will take place in tertiary sector by transportation selling products and many more so tertiary sector gives more job opportunities…

How can we generate employment in urban areas?

The various ways for generating employment opportunities in urban areas are as follows:More Industries should be set up to provide large scale employment to the people.Education system should be made job oriented.Tourism as a industry should be promoted.Healthcare sector can create large employment in Urban areas.

How can I make my brain more employment?

Answer Spreading education is the best way to increase the employment in a national scale. Decreasing the retirement age will surely increase the new employments in various sectors. Mostly we have to develop our economial market and possibilities,which will automatically increase our national employment.