Quick Answer: How Do You Bypass The Starter On A Riding Lawn Mower?

Can you bypass a starter?

Simply put, to overcome and bypass a faulty starter relay or ignition switch, you can touch both the positive starter terminal and the solenoid terminal on the starter using a big screwdriver.

Because the starter terminal is always connected directly to the battery positive terminal, this will bypass the starter relay..

How do you start a riding lawn mower with a bad solenoid?

First, turn the ignition key to the “On” position. Look for the large terminal posts on the solenoid where the thick red wires connect to the solenoid. Touch the metal shaft of a screwdriver to both of the large terminals at the same time. If the engine turns over and starts, the solenoid is bad and should be replaced.

Will a bad solenoid click?

Our Expert Agrees: If your starter solenoid is bad, you may hear a clicking sound when you turn the key, or your vehicle may not have any power at all. Check the battery. If your starter is failing to engage, it may be because the battery does not have sufficient energy to power it.

How do you bypass a lawn mower starter?

Steps to Bypass the Key Switch or Hotwire lawn mower Open the mower’s hood and locate the battery. Locate a small box hooked at one side of the engine compartment. A live wire runs from the battery to the solenoid to the starter. Disconnect the black and red cables from the solenoid.