Quick Answer: How Do You Use Leery In A Sentence?

How do you use while in a sentence?

While sentence examplesI don’t want you to drive while you’re so tired.

While waiting for the food to arrive, we were happy to sit and chat in the relaxing surroundings.

She waited while he poured a cup of coffee.

They stay awake at night while researchers work in the daytime.

Can one be well while suffering morally?More items….

What does getting lairy mean?

behaving in a loud, excited manner, especially when you are enjoying yourself or drinking alcohol: The bar was full of lairy, pint-swilling lads.

What part of speech is leery?

leerypart of speech:adjectiveinflections:leerier, leeriestdefinition:suspicious or mistrustful; wary (usu. fol. by “of”). I am leery of accepting favors from strangers. similar words: mistrustful, shyrelated words:suspiciousWord CombinationsSubscriber feature About this feature1 more row

What does Leary mean in slang?

less common spelling of leery : suspicious, wary —often used with ofleery of strangersShe seemed a little leery of the proposal.

What’s another word for Leary?

In this page you can discover 17 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for leery, like: cautious, uncertain, suspicious, distrustful, guarded, skeptical, wary, trustful, unwary, sure and certain.

What does same as mean?

: someone or something that is exactly like (another person or thing being discussed or referred to) Your idea is the same as his.

Is it leery or Leary?

Leery is an adjective that means wary or suspicious. Leary is a variant spelling that hasn’t been widely used in 100 years.

How do you use same in a sentence?

Same sentence examplesIt was the same man, she was sure of it. … Was it wishful thinking, or did she see the same love in his eyes? … It was described in China about the same time. … It’s always the same, Chauncey. … I’ll do the same thing! he suddenly cried. … She tried again with the same results.More items…

How do you use the same as?

We can use same as an adjective before a noun or as a pronoun. When we use same to compare people or things, we must use it with the: I noticed that Richard and I were both wearing the same jacket. Not: … were both wearing same jacket.

What does same mean in text?

“Same is just something someone says, normally on the internet, when they can relate to a picture or something. It’s like short for saying ‘I feel the same’ or ‘I feel like that item/person,'” wrote the top commenter. Same.

What is a leery?

: suspicious, wary —often used with ofleery of strangersShe seemed a little leery of the proposal.

Is lairy a word?

Neil: Lairy. Li: Lairy. This adjective is used to describe people, usually men, behaving in a loud, excited and slightly aggressive way.