Quick Answer: What Does AOR Mean?

What is AOR means in CIC?

Acknowledgment Of ReceiptAnswer: AOR is an acronym that stands for the term “Acknowledgment Of Receipt”.

An AOR indicates that the Canadian consulate, embassy, or high commission, has received your application for permanent residency and has issued a case file number for the application submitted..

What does the acronym AOR stand for?

agent of recordThe acronym AOR stands for agent of record.

What does AOR mean in business?

Agency of RecordTags:Agency of Record,Agency Support. In the world of marketing and advertising, Agency of Record (AOR) was typically understood to mean a single agency responsible for all the services that a particular business might require.

What is AOR medical term?

Patient’s decision to discharge “at own risk” (AOR) is a common event that health care providers will face in their practice.

What does AOR stand for insurance?

agent of recordAn agent of record (AOR) is a process that the insurance industry has embraced to give the customer back their power if they are unsatisfied with their agent or the current agent is no longer with the company, by keeping your same plan at the same rate, just moving the coverage to a newer agent.