What Is The Purpose Of A Magazine Cover?

What are the elements of a magazine cover?

Elements of a Magazine CoverBanner (sometimes called “nameplate”)Tagline.Image.Cover blurbs.UPC code.Price.Date/Volume number..

What is on the front cover of a magazine?

Cover Lines: These are lines of text on the front cover which allows the audience to see what sort of content is within the magazine. … Information/Barcode: This is positioned along the right at the bottom of the page, and this can include the date the magazine was released on, the price and issue number and website.

How do you make a magazine fun?

How to Create a Ridiculously Interesting Magazine (In Four Steps or Maybe Less)Focus, Focus, Focus. Give your magazine a clear topic. … Avoid General Topics. Why should you avoid those broad, catch-all topics? … Cultivate a Point of View. Point of view is similar to focus, but slightly more abstract. … Be Unique.

What should a magazine include?

Magazines have (and need) structure Cover pages. Front-of-the-book content, which may include: a table of contents, a masthead, columns (including an editorial) and assorted departments such as letters to the editor, news, quick-hit trend pieces and publisher-focused content.

What is a magazine layout?

A great digital magazine layout is one of the things that sets a magazine apart from other publications. Magazines are meant to be read, but they’re also a visual experience. … Read on for your step-by-step guide to creating a great digital magazine layout for any device, size and orientation!

What is a magazine title called?

The title or logotype – often these days called a masthead – is usually used on the contents page inside as well as the front cover, and as a logo for advertising and branding purposes. … Some magazines will put the image on top of the title, as with the 1916 Bystander.

What is the purpose of a front cover?

The front cover is the first of the physical parts of a book. It has one purpose: to sell the book by intriguing the right readers. The essential elements of a front cover include title and author name. Optional elements include the subtitle (if there is one) and photos, background images or graphics.

What is the function of a magazine cover?

Magazine Front Covers Conventions. Purpose of a Front Cover  Essentially, the front cover functions to entice readers to buy a magazine. Although the. The title of the magazine is placed on the contents page so that the readers can remember what magazine they are reading and for future reference when.

What makes a good magazine cover?

Below are a few of my tips for creating a successful newsstand magazine covers.Strong focal point. … Use of colour. … Be consistent but never boring. … Typographic hierarchy and shelf placement. … Break the rules and make it an event.

What is magazine cover?

As stated, your magazine’s cover is a representation of the content that encompasses the entire publication. Yes, you want to grab as many eyes as possible for your content, but be sure to always align with your brand when working to create your next masterpiece.

What should I put on a magazine?

In the great magazine cover battle, here are 50 striking magazines that have delivered winning blows.Give the issue title pride of place. … Flip the layout. … Use one-point perspective. … Create a laser cut cover. … Showcase a sequence. … Merge the image and the background. … Create impact with imagery. … Experiment with transparent shapes.More items…

What size is a magazine cover?

Most common sizes for printing magazines are 8.5 by 11 and 5.5 by 8.5 inches. Both, portrait and landscape is possible, either for perfect bound magazines or saddle stitched magazines. The digest size which is a little bit smaller with 5.5 by 8.25 inches is also very common.

What is the first page of a magazine called?

Table of contentsFront of the book. This part of the magazine consists of several key pages. Table of contents – this is always the first page of the magazine. Table of contents can be laid out on one page, two page spread, or on two pages intersected with advertising.